The Organization

We are seeking to establish a nonprofit organization called The Enlightened Worldview Project (TEWP for short)

The central purpose of this organization will be to promote peace and resolve conflicts through greater societal understanding and inner awareness.

We are doing research into deep sensemaking of how our inner world and outer world can be integrated. We intend to file for 501c3 status and our goal it to produce educational materials to help people understand how sensemaking processes work, both personally and within society and the media landscape. We are developing books, videos, and podcasts that will assist people in optimizing their deep interpersonal sensemaking.

The TEWP team is looking to partner with philanthropists to make this a reality.

General Information About the Project

The Enlightened Worldview Project is a collaborative effort that is led by Brandon Norgaard. This project is a multimedia engagement that currently features a blog and a forum. We are planning a video and podcast series and a multi-volume book series is also in the works, with the release of Volume 1 anticipated by the end of 2021.

EWP Square log