We are planning a podcast series that would cover similar content as the book in terms of theory and methodology, but it would involve working with real people and real problems and trying to work out agreements in real time using these methods.

Our team members have also appeared in the following podcasts:

The Integral Stage METAPODCAST appearance with Brandon Norgaard

Layman is joined by Brandon Norgaard, the co-founder of The Enlightened Worldview Project (TEWP) and member of North America Bildung. Brandon discusses the mission of TEWP, to develop sensemaking tools and promote the integration of inner and outer worlds through various multimedia projects; and then he and Layman explore some of the philosophical foundations of Brandon’s work, such as cross-cultural understandings of enlightenment, phenomenological and hermeneutic inquiry, Kahneman’s slow and fast thinking, and the efforts of the Consilience Project.

Overriding Divisions: How People with Different Worldviews Can Learn to Get Along with Each Other

This is an episode of the GliderCell podcast series that explores the major themes of TEWP