Our Goals

What are the main goals of The Enlightened Worldview Project?

The main goals of this project are to promote greater peace and to reduce conflicts across different communities and across peoples who have different worldviews.  We want to find ways to mend divisions, improve communication, and foster mutual understanding.  It is also essential that each of us calm the conflicts that might be going on within our own minds.  We need to achieve a degree of inner peace in order for the world that we live in to become more peaceful.

How do you plan on achieving these goals?

We are doing research into deep sensemaking of how our inner world and outer world can be integrated. We intend to file for 501c3 status and our goal it to produce educational materials to help people understand how sensemaking processes work, both personally and within society and the media landscape. We are developing books, videos, and podcasts that will assist people in optimizing their deep interpersonal sensemaking.  The idea is that these project offerings will be able to help people work together to alleviate conflicts and to promote peace in their own lives.

How did this project come about?

Project founder Brandon Norgaard has been thinking about and researching related topics for several years.  He attended Meetup groups in the Sacramento area and discussed these matters with a lot of other people.  This helped him refine his ideas.  There are also several other people whose original ideas have been incorporated into this project.

How many people are involved in this project?

There are several people who are involved in different aspects of the project.  We have a team of core contributors and also several others serving in advisory roles.

What is the project’s main audience?  Is it academic, governmental, businesses, or the general public?

All of the above, to an extent.  Although some of our work is indeed somewhat scholarly, we aim to produce offerings that are oriented towards a broad audience and are educational, entertaining, and that contain practical advice.  Ideally, this information can also be applied to address challenges that arise in society, including in governmental and business settings.

How can I become involved in the project? 

If you have any questions or comments or ideas or would like to contribute in any ways, please email us info@enlightenedworldview.com.