We hope to release our first book sometime in 2022. For more info, write to info@enlightenedworldview.com

Synopsis for the forthcoming book “Seeking a More Enlightened Worldview”

The purpose of this book is to promote peace in society through teaching effective communication techniques, even between people who hold outrageously opposing viewpoints. Currently, there’s too much unnecessary conflict and suffering in this world.  This book digs into the root causes of unnecessary conflict and suffering and explains how to combat this lack of mutual understanding, agreement, and cooperation. This book describes to develop improved mindfulness, sensemaking, and mutual understanding among people of diverse backgrounds.  This is designed to help individuals break free of their tribal, nationalistic, and partisan instincts. The effective techniques outline new methods of dialogue that can bridge this great divide and inspire a more peaceful and prosperous society.

Part 1: A Better Approach to Addressing the Most Serious Problems in Our World – Explains how the root cause of our most serious problems is lack of effective communication and understanding.  We can’t convey our thoughts and feelings to other people and we also don’t understand other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Part 2: Building the Structure of Knowledge – To bridge this divide, we start by focusing on sensemaking, including the basics of how knowledge is developed, on how science works, and how to sort out fact from fiction.

Part 3: A Science to Study How the Mind Coincides with the Social Landscape – We introduce a new way of developing inner awareness and mindfulness and we show how this can be brought together with other sciences in order to recognize that all people have certain core values in common. This realization can then be used to improve communication and mutual understanding and lead to conflict avoidance and the promotion of peace.