We are building an organization that will help people:

  • Improve self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Release inner tension and improve enacted well-being
  • Express thoughts and feelings better
  • Understand other people’s thoughts and feelings at a deeper level
  • Sort out fact from fiction amidst the constant bombardment of information
  • Identify shared core values, even among people who come from different walks of life
  • Reduce conflict in the world and develop greater inner peace and overall societal peace

This is Peacemaking through Sensemaking

Our goal is to address the culture of conflict in our media that is holding us back. We seek to help create an accelerate a culture of productive and peaceful interaction.

We all have friends and family who believe weird things. What is the truth? How do we figure this out? We need to develop our thinking abilities because we can’t just trust everything we read and hear, but we can’t dismiss it all either.  To address the greatest challenges of our time and to improve our lives, our communities, and our world, we need to think like journalists and scientists.

We intend to produce educational materials to promote media literacy, scientific literacy, and also ways for people who come from different backgrounds in life to understand each other more profoundly. We are thinking of this as kind of like society-wide group therapy that incorporates integral theory, the concept of bildung, practices and methods from the east and west, and the latest and best psychological and social science theories and models.

Every community should have leaders who are at least somewhat familiar with each of the practices listed above.  We are seeking to establish a network of such community leaders.  These would essentially be community well-being general practitioners who could then offer referrals to experts in any of these areas, in partnership with other organizations within the emerging Liminal Web.